The Alpine Lodge is everything… except ordinary.

Welcome at the new “Bed & Breakfast” Hotel Alpine Lodge in Gstaad

Grüessech zäme and welcome!

Dear Guest…. our hotel is currently closed. However, we are gladly there for you by e-mail and in urgent cases by phone. See you soon in the Alpine Lodge!

Halfway between Gstaad and Saanen in beautiful Saanenland, you’ll find yourself in exactly the right place. Because the Alpine Lodge is everything… except ordinary. With us you can expect just that little bit more, something a little bit different. In each of the 29 rooms, for example, an Samsung Tablet with free Internet access.  Hang loose in the easy groove lounge bar, relax in the wellness area.

Customer satisfaction@ Alpine Lodge Gstaad – Saanen:

Alle Gäste werden nach Ihrem Aufenthalt im Rahmen des Qualitätsmanagements zur Zufriedenheit befragt. Die Daten werden von einer unabhängigen Firma ausgewertet. Der untenstehende Zufriedenheitsbarometer widerspiegelt die Antworten.